Made by Winner, Made for Quality

IROAD IVIS Tinting Film

JAEWONCNC has developed IROAD as a global brand with the development of vehicle infotainment and has 700 IROAD Distributors around the world

IVIS Window Film Field is the world class film that has been best researchers with technical skill for more than 20 years and completed advanced technology

The proven quality and after-sales service, which is based on IROAD’s strict quality standards, provide premium value tousers of the IVIS film.

IROAD thinks that window films should have a strong durability that maintains the unique function of the film without interior fading and cracking for a long time.

The idea of IROAD has created the IVIS,
IVIS will sell high quality product at the right price and will suggest new paradigm with innovation technology.

Made by Winner, Made for Quality

Experience IROAD IVIS Tinting Film which was
created with more advanced technology


IVIS, which implies that it was created with the idea of progressive thinking,

is IROAD premium tinting film brand that combines “I” of IROAD and “VIS” of VISIBILITY